The next generation of AI-powered audits

Our AI audits are used to provide fast client feedback, increases efficiency and reduces unnecessary audit queries.

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How we use AI to power your audit

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Our AI models review hundreds of documents to test your full list of controls in seconds. That provides early feedback to help you prepare and ensure you are ready for the auditors to sign off your controls.

Aligned Criteria

Our audit team controls the testing criteria and parameters fed into AI models, ensuring alignment with our established audit methodologies. This reduces the dreaded audit queries and surprises during our audits.

Pass/Fail Results

The AI models generate user friendly pass/fail results, with a scoring threshold and insightful feedback on failed or incomplete tests to be able to address any missing items.

AI-Powered Queries

Our audit team can resolve queries directly with the AI models finding and surfacing answers from anywhere in your compliance documentation to remove unnecessary audit queries and apply a more effectively aligned audit.


Harnessing the power of people, backed
by technology


Increasing audit efficency

Enhancing the efficiency of audits to provide greater client value. Allowing our team to focus on value-adding aspects such as in-depth analysis of riskier areas, strengthening client relationships, and providing insights to the clients to improve their posture. 


Improving the client experience

Streamlining the audit process to make it more seamless and valuable. Encouraging wider adoption of audits and enhancing the value clients derive for their cybersecurity and broader business objectives.

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Streamlining audit quality

Utilising AI applies greater consistency in our audits, underpinning trust in the standards and reports we issue. The AI powered results are clear to follow, traceable and version controlled to ensure confidence in your outcomes. 


Increasing scale and broader services

The use of AI technology is an opportunity to increase the capacity
and scale of our audit services,
to elevate trust and better practices in line with our mission. 



Hear more from our clients

'I couldn't be more pleased with the support from AssuranceLab. They expertly streamlined the SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 audits, making the process seamless and efficient. Their deep expertise and guidance were invaluable every step of the way.'

André Duis
André Duis
Technical Executive (CTO Office) - Weaviate

'Working with AssuranceLab was easier than expected. They helped where it mattered the most for a first-time SOC 2 company and accelerated us in delightful ways. I have already recommended them to several founder friends.'

Ryan Allenbach
Ryan Allenbach
Co-Founder & CEO - Agreed Software


Seamlessly integrate AI into your audits


Constant monitoring of the AI tools will be conducted to closely mimic existing human auditor processes, thereby maintaining consistency with our established audit approaches.

Focus shift

The integration of AI allows audit teams to prioritise high-risk areas and enhance client relations. By effectively shifting focus in this way, AI technology can increase the viability of audits, improve the client experience and value from the audits, and uplift audit quality to build greater trust in the standards and our client's compliance programs.


Hear from our clients who have
experienced the AI difference

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“AssuranceLab’s use of AI in our SOC 2 audit, along with their clear feedback on audit results and controls to remedy, allowed for a seamless and efficient audit.”
Amie Jordan
Head Of Operations & Finance
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Trinsic Case Study - Enhancing SOC 2 Audit Efficiency
How AssuranceLab's AI Audit Models enhanced the audit process and outcome for SOC 2.

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