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We support over 400 ambitious technology companies in 20+ countries looking to earn and keep the trust of their dream customers.

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The auditors you’ve always wanted

We work with more than 500 companies across 20+ countries to achieve compliance through our AI, tech-enabled tailored approach. We work alongside you, no matter your stage of business to avoid the traditional large and disruptive audits.  

We cover multiple frameworks including:
SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, CSA STAR, HIPAA, CDR, ESG, GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, GS 007 and more!

Our team of experienced audit and technology professionals will work closely with you to turn compliance from a headache into a competitive advantage. We’re the auditors you want to work with!

The AssuranceLab difference

We work with the wider compliance ecosystem, integrating with compliance automation platforms, penetration testing companies and virtual CISOs to offer you an end-to-end compliance strategy. 

We specialise in working with startups seeking their first compliance milestone, through to enterprise-level companies looking to secure new contracts. Whether you have a team of 1 or 26,000 across the globe, we have an audit pathway that suits you. 


For startups

Are you looking to build trust with your customers, minimise costs and avoid over-complicating your operations?

Our starter frameworks, supported by AI technology are the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve your first compliance milestone and unlock growth.

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For scaleups

Are you looking to manage your data, employees, risks and compliance in a way that minimises the burden?

Our signature tailored audits, with multi-framework options, lay strong compliance foundations that fit your way of operating. Our audits enable, rather than hinder, growth.

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For enterprises

Are you juggling broad customer needs, global compliance obligations and a large team?

With our signature tailored audits and access to our team of expert auditors, we’ll adapt the compliance journey to align with your company's goals, culture, and ways of working.

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We’ve helped over 400 trailblazers level up
their compliance

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“I don’t say this lightly, but we are super stoked that we chose to work with AssuranceLab who have made the audit such a pleasant experience.”
Guido Santo
VP Cybersecurity


Rokt levels up their security program from ISO 27001 to SOC 2

Rokt were already ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 covers similar controls. However according to Rokt’s VP Cybersecurity, Guido Santo, SOC 2 results in a more granular audit report which customer security teams find more useful.
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“Taking things in bite-sized chunks enabled us to action things within the business as we went rather than having a big bang approach.”
brad-shaw-CEO livepro-90x90px-circle
Brad Shaw
CEO Livepro
livepro achieves security prestige to win large business customers with SOC 2
Gaining SOC 2 accreditation was important to livepro's customers, providing security prestige in the market and helping livepro tighten up their operation with reference to best practices.
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The key was in the simplification of the audit requirement. AssuranceLab speaks a language the customer can understand. This is critical.
Paul Lubki
Founder, PBR Solutions
Plan.Build.Run consultants team up with AssuranceLab for a holistic approach
As consultants helping clients implement their compliance, it was important for PBR to team up with auditors to provide the SOC 2 compliance outcomes.
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AssuranceLab have provided our business with comprehensive SOC 2 audits on a continuous basis. The online audit process is easy to navigate and prompt responses were provided to all queries with regular online meetings scheduled to keep the process on track. Their auditors are experienced and knowledgeable and provide valuable insights.
Ross Withers - Inlogik
Ross Withers
COO/CISO, Inlogik
InLogik case study logo
Inlogik adds a notch to their belt with SOC 2 to satisfy regulated customers
Inlogik manages a broad compliance program spanning SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, PCI-DSS and privacy regulations like GDPR, the APP and OAIC NDB.
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When you do audits all at once, you have hours to a few days to provide the evidence because there is a time crunch. I think spreading it out makes it feel like less of a burden for us.
Kacie Armbrust
Voxel Director Of Finance
Voxel establishes SOC 2 compliance through AssuranceLab’s Drata Starter x Continuous Audit Program
Voxel, a technology-driven SaaS company, leveraged AssuranceLab’s Drata Starter x Continuous Audit Program to achieve their initial compliance outcome in 1 month. 
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We really want to focus on the things that make us extraordinary in the market that we play in. So being able to have someone like AssuranceLab behind us, to facilitate an outcome around that audit component in the assurance space, particularly for SOC 2, is incredibly helpful.
Samm MacLeod
VP Security & Risk
Culture Amp’s journey to multi-standard compliance
Culture Amp is a global leader in employee experience. Follow their transformative journey from startup to scaleup, and learn how achieving SOC 2 and GDPR compliance. 
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Working with AssuranceLab on ESG gave us a clearer perspective on how this standard related to us, and was important for a business of our type.
Chief Compliance & Innovations Officer
Data Zoo case study
Data Zoo case study - ESG compliance
ESG Enlightenment: How AssuranceLab empowered Data Zoo to unlock the untapped potential of Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance (ESG) reporting.
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Working with AssuranceLab has been a smooth and overall very easy process.
Resh Del
Global Security Director
Transcom case study
Transcom Case Study - Global compliance
Unlocking Efficiency and Confidence Amidst Global Complexities
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“For other companies in the Netherlands looking at SOC 2, we would recommend AssuranceLab to conduct the audit.”

Jelle Groenendaal
Jelle Groenendaal
Co-Founder and CMO
3rdRisk logo
3rdRisk Case Study - SOC 2 compliance across continents
How AssuranceLab helped 3rdRisk achieve SOC 2 compliance through industry partnerships.
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“AssuranceLab’s use of AI in our SOC 2 audit, along with their clear feedback on audit results and controls to remedy, allowed for a seamless and efficient audit.”
Amie Jordan
Head Of Operations & Finance
Trinsic Logo
Trinsic Case Study - Enhancing SOC 2 Audit Efficiency
How AssuranceLab's AI Audit Models enhanced the audit process and outcome for SOC 2.


Content to help you understand and achieve your compliance goals

Mental health blog

Mental health awareness in the workplace

Compliance metadata

The power of using compliance metadata

Collaboration vs competition in an ever-changing compliance landscape

Collaboration vs competition in an ever-changing compliance landscape


Show the world your commitment to security



Trust services criteria to satisfy a broad customer base globally for security, availability, confidentiality, privacy and processing integrity.



A comprehensive, best practice standard for cloud security to achieve Level Two accreditation in the security, trust and risk (STAR) register.



The de facto global and best practice standard for proving secure handling of electronic protected health information (ePHI).


ISO 27001

An international framework to apply a structured and best practice methodology for managing information security.


Consumer Data Right

Access consumer data in Australia’s economy-wide open data regime with Consumer Data Right accreditation.


Custom Frameworks

Manage any compliance obligations from customers, regulators or your own internal risk requirements with custom frameworks.


ESG Reporting

A flexible and lightweight framework to report up to 500+ positive impact activities supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.



The global gold-standard for privacy. GDPR is regulated for personal data collected from EU citizens, and an effective framework to satisfy enterprise customers globally.


Blended Audits

Combine two or more of our compliance frameworks into a single blended audit process without duplication to scale trust, rather than cost and effort.


We enable better compliance practices globally through innovative solutions

Our client audit interface that powers trust for hundreds of technology companies
Integrating seamlessly with other compliance tools, Pillar is the most advanced audit platform for covering multiple standards in one agile audit process.

Pillar adapts to your organisation’s unique ways of working, by profiling your context, systems and processes to align the compliance program to you.

Enable multi-standard audits at your own pace, with Pillar.
Our policy generator that provides a tailored set of compliance documentation
By completing a single, comprehensive survey covering all aspects of your compliance program and business; you will receive fit-for-purpose, ready-to-use policies covering all 22 areas of security, privacy and ESG compliance.
These policies ensure that the rest of your compliance activities are fit-for-purpose and align with your way of operating.
Select the policies you need to generate complete, ready-to-go policies in minutes with PolicyTree.


Hear more from our clients

'AssuranceLab always responded to our questions quickly and their explanations were clear and efficient. That helped us better understand our controls and make improvements to make them more efficient and manage compliance better.'
Huy Dang Nguyen
Senior Security Specialist
'AssuranceLab was supportive and responsive throughout the entire process... (their) agile approach fit well. They were always just a phone call away and would match the speed we were going for any given week.'
Tristan Cole
'This flexible process allowed us time to make changes while catering to the business needs. It contributes to making the audit faster, simpler and for us to understand the processes better.'
Adrian Loke
Director of Infrastructure

'AssuranceLab listened to understand our unique issues and helped guide us through the audit process in a way that made sense for us.'

brad-shaw-CEO livepro-90x90px-circle
Brad Shaw

'I couldn't be more pleased with the support from AssuranceLab. They expertly streamlined the SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 audits, making the process seamless and efficient. Their deep expertise and guidance were invaluable every step of the way.'

André Duis
André Duis
Technical Executive (CTO Office) - Weaviate

'Working with AssuranceLab was easier than expected. They helped where it mattered the most for a first-time SOC 2 company and accelerated us in delightful ways. I have already recommended them to several founder friends.'

Ryan Allenbach
Ryan Allenbach
Co-Founder & CEO - Agreed Software


Your questions answered

Where is AssuranceLab based?

We are based in Austin, TX, Australia, and Ireland. We have team members scattered across the globe; covering all timezones and geographies. We work with clients in over 20 countries, bringing our modern approach to auditing that works asynchronously so you can complete audits at your own pace, in your own way. We jump on calls to provide personalised service and ensure you're on track to achieving your compliance goals.

What countries does AssuranceLab serve?

We have clients in over 20 countries, primarily across the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

We serve clients in any country by offering global standards, subject to language requirements and any country-specific regulations that are needed.

Does AssuranceLab provide consultancy services?

We do not design or implement your compliance activities. That’s prohibited for audit firms based on the independence requirements of the standards. We do offer tools and guides to help clients understand what is required and provide feedback on your state of compliance. Our clients look to us as a trusted advisor based on the valuable insight we provide, but we also have a great partner network for clients that need more hands-on support.

Which standards and regulations does AssuranceLab cover?

We work with clients to issue their attestations, assurance reports, and certifications for: SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, CPRA (CCPA), ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 42001, Consumer Data Right, CSA STAR Level Two, ESG Reporting, CPS 234, GS 007, and many more that we support with framework mapping to help you capture your overlap.

Pillar supports 30+ global standards and frameworks including customer specific requirements. We've also built 15+ custom Drata frameworks for clients that combine our services with compliance automation.

We are a CPA and CA audit firm, a certified CSA STAR Auditor, and an ISO certification body, which support our credentials.

Which compliance platforms does AssuranceLab work with?

We prioritise our clients preferences and adapt our audits to suit the various platform choices. We have the most mutual clients with Drata. Our Drata Starter audit model has been refined to maximise the value of automation for our clients that want to prioritise time and cost savings for their compliance program.

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