Case Study


livepro achieves security prestige to win large business customers with SOC 2
About livepro

livepro is a customer experience knowledge management system used by organisations as their single source of truth to deliver answers to customers. They serve security conscious customers in banking, finance, government and education. 

"Taking things in bite-sized chunks enabled us to action things within the business as we went rather than having a big bang approach."


Brad Shaw – CEO, livepro

Why did you work with AssuranceLab?

Gaining SOC 2 accreditation was important to customers, providing security prestige in the market and helping tighten up their operation with reference to best practices. We chose AssuranceLab based on the recommendation from a trusted partner that their approach was agile and consultative, and it was. This agile approach is much more in line with the way a modern small business works. It allowed me to continue to run the business without the stress of artificial deadlines.

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