The journey towards 50 incredible team members

This year we celebrated a huge milestone - hiring our 50th team member. 


2024 has shaped up to be a big one for the AssuranceLab team, with many milestones being not only hit but smashed out of the park. From launching our new AI-powered audits to holding our company offsite in Sydney last week the achievements have been abundant.


50 staff-1By far, the most exciting is reaching the milestone of hiring our 50th employee. Having a team of over 50 staff is nothing short of impressive and while we take some time to take stoke of how far we have come, we are equally as excited about what the future holds for the team and what our next 50 employees might look like.


To coincide with this exciting company growth milestone, we held a company offsite in Sydney where we welcomed close to 40 of our employees from not only Australia, but also the Philippines, Ireland, and the US. It was amazing for the team to have a chance to meet face to face and further reinforce and build the culture through team-building games, exercise and food & drink!


As we are primarily a remote-first company, any opportunity we get to meet up in person is always a great time and we certainly made the most of it!


Hitting the “50 employees” milestone is a major success for the business, and seeing the team grow from 32 in February to 50 in May has been a really exciting challenge. 


Taking time to reflect
Company offsites are a tradition at AssuranceLab and this was no different at our most recent offsite held in Sydney last week. Our team travelled from across the globe to spend some quality time together.  

Team travel map

Whilst each team had individual time to workshop and plan for the months ahead, we all came together on Wednesday for a company presentation that included our inaugural People’s Choice Awards. These awards, as voted by the team, aimed to recognise the hard efforts put in every day by the team.


Looking back from our first offsite to now shows the impact and growth we have had. We are excited to continue to expand, grow and achieve more goals.  


Team image through the years


Cofounder, Co-CEO and Paul Wenham shared his feelings on what this milestone means for not only the team but himself who started as a solo entrepreneur only 3 years ago.


“What an incredible moment this is! With 18 new hires and cracking the 50+ employee milestone, I can't help but feel inspired and excited about where we are heading together. Just three years ago, I was a solo operator, dreaming big but working from a very small reality. In the last few years, each new person has brought a new perspective, added capability, and played a meaningful part in driving our culture. It takes time to see the impact of each new person translate into great outcomes for the company, but it’s recognizing this past trend and growing impact over time that really excites me for the months and years ahead.”


Cofounder, Co-CEO and Nick Lew Ton also shared a few words on this milestone.  


“This milestone signifies our incredible journey and the exciting path ahead. Every new team member brings fresh perspectives and expertise, fuelling our innovation and delivering quality services. As we expand our global presence, I’m eager to see how our continued impact at an international scale.”


Take a look at our team

Diversity 2024 Where we are from Employee growth chart


So, what is next for AssuranceLab?

Hitting 50 employees is a massive celebration point for us, but now we have shifted our focus to onboarding and enabling the talented people who have joined the team. 50 employees is just the start, and we hope to continue the growth into the back half of 2024 and beyond!



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