The five reasons clients choose AssuranceLab

AssuranceLab has set a new standard in SOC 2 information security compliance. Through innovation, relentless focus on our clients experience, and continual improvement, we've created the worlds-best service delivery model for SOC 2.


Over the last 3 years since inception, we've spoken to hundreds of leads considering SOC 2 and other InfoSec compliance solutions. For many of those leads, there's a limited understanding of what SOC 2 actually is. It's often a mandate from their customers rather than to proactively get ahead of their competition or improve their operating practices. The goal is the fastest, simplest, and cheapest solution. But since they haven't been through the process before, it's not clear what sort of approach is faster, simpler and cheaper. And it's important to know that it's "valid", that it will meet all customers requirements now and in the future. That's not helped by the varying providers out there that quote in different ways and recommend different scopes and approaches.


The traditional way of comparing services is based on price and quality. In this context, the price includes audit firms fixed fees, any variable costs and potentially hidden charges, and the time it takes your team to achieve compliance and complete the audits. The quality considers the CPA firms brand that goes on your report, the quality of service, quality of the audit, and the value-adding feedback from consultants (or lack-thereof) to help improve your operational practices or derive other insights. 


It's our belief that we have the most cost-effective and highest quality approach to SOC 2. That doesn't always mean our quotes will appear the "cheapest". There's often the view that we can't be the most cost-effective and highest quality. That's where our innovative approach comes in. There's five reasons why our clients choose us, that support our cost-effective and high quality service.


1. End-to-end local services with official CPA reports


Our local competitors either; (a) issue “SOC 2 equivalent” reports under ASAE 3150, or (b) partner with CPA firms that conduct the audits. We provide the official ATC-105 and 205, SOC 2 reports issued by AICPA authorised firms that meet your customers expectations. We manage the end-to-end audits locally so you deal with one provider and get that clarity and certainty throughout.


2. Deep expertise in cloud-services and SOC 2


As the leading provider to SMB tech businesses, we know the ins and outs of cloud services, the SOC 2 standard and criteria, and the related information security practices. We have a full suite of control examples, how-to-guides, expertise with leading and emerging software solutions, and our own team of highly experienced consultants to guide you.


3. Agile and collaborative services


The usual ‘Big Bang’ approach to audits is scheduled in a 2-4 week period. That leaves your team alone and confused when preparing for the audit and maintaining your compliance between audits. Our agile approach works at your pace and iteratively provides guidance and feedback as we work through it collaboratively. This is not only better for you, but creates huge efficiencies for us. When we guide you in the right direction there's less queries, rework and general messing around.


4. Free readiness software


It’s easy to get lost trying to navigate over 100 information security practices to determine what you need to do to achieve SOC 2. Our innovative software, guides you through it in about an hour of your time to cut out all the ambiguity. After years of developing this software and applying it in practice, we've completely replaced the need for a "readiness review" that costs in excess of $15,000 AUD. That means the total cost is less, you can get started in your own time, and the data inputs are used to create valuable outputs for the audit process that usually take consultants several days.


5. Budget-friendly


Our premium services come with a lower cost from our streamlined end-to-end approach, that also saves your time. Aside from an initial deposit, our fees are billable on completion so we have aligned incentives to help you achieve compliance and issue your report(s) in the shortest timeframe possible. The efficiencies from our innovative approach support the most cost-effective solutions for our clients, regardless of which other software you choose to use like security and compliance platforms.


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Through these five client friendly aspects of our approach, AssuranceLab has become the leading provider of SOC 2 reports in Australia and New Zealand. These five reasons have positioned us as the provider of choice for SMB software clients, and a trusted business partner. If you want to learn more about our approach or obtain a quote for services for your business, get in touch through our enquiry form.

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