Meet Bradley Steinbach, our People and Culture Manager

Meet Bradley, our People and Culture Manager here at AssuranceLab. With an impressive career working in tech startups (even placing a few of our team in the past), we are excited to welcome Bradley to the team and cannot wait to share with you some of the exciting projects he is working on! We can tell you that his first order of business is hiring some incredible talent for our open roles (check them out below!). 


So tell us a bit about yourself, Bradley!

Hi! I am Bradley! Professionally, over the past few years,  I’ve been involved with growing some great teams at various Melbourne and Australian-based startups as a consultant and, most recently, internally in Talent/P&C Teams. I have had the opportunity to help scale teams and culture globally during startup expansion to the US and the UK. Personally, I live on the Surf Coast with my growing family and enjoy golfing, surfing (trying to), gaming and going to the beach with the family.


What is it that you love about working in people and culture?

I am someone who enjoys constantly learning and new challenges; the complexities, problems, culture, excitements, and drivers of “people” are constantly changing and evolving as businesses scale up. Being at the forefront of tackling these exciting problems keeps me continually engaged in what I do. What really excites me is finding a suitable candidate and seeing them through the hiring process, to then welcoming them, and ultimately seeing them thrive in the company culture and significantly impact the business.


What attracted you to the AssuranceLab team?

I was lucky to have met the founders of AssuranceLab several years ago when the company was still relatively small, with only around five employees (including the three founders!). From the outset, it was clear that we shared similar values, centred around prioritising people and caring about their impact. This stuck with me and I have been interested in joining the team for quite some time now.


What are you most excited about in this role?

I am particularly excited about the growth goals of AssuranceLab and the opportunity to scale the People and Culture function of the business as we grow. The current team size and maturity of the People and Culture function present a great opportunity to build upon some of the amazing foundations while AssuranceLab scales globally!


What are your goals for the future? Both professionally and personally.

My biggest professional goal at the moment is to enhance and round out my People & Culture experience to best serve the business globally as we scale. There is tons to learn and skills to develop particularly when introduced to the nuances of scaling in other countries. Maintaining the amazing culture that has been established at AssuranceLab wherever we go is my primary goal! 

Personally, keeping it simple and navigating the most challenging part of my life, being the best version possible of a husband and father of (soon to be) three!

If you are interested in working alongside Bradley and the AssuranceLab team make sure you check out our open roles: 

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