Hear from our team on some recent audit engagements for trailblazing clients

At AssuranceLab, we love helping our visionary clients achieve their compliance goals, and celebrating their wins with them!


SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA... These are significant milestones that open up a world of new opportunities for growth and trust-building across borders. Huge congratulations are in order to the companies mentioned below👏


What you can see as key themes across these client achievements is that the way they lean into compliance and seek great outcomes for their company, translates into smooth, effective and even enjoyable compliance audits! 


Here are a few client stories from recent months that we wanted to share with you...



Client: DataCo

Achievement: SOC 2 Type 1

Lead Auditor: Davor Lovric


DataCo didn’t just want a compliance report for the sake of it. They are so passionate about their product and always willing to take on advice regarding security. They deeply care about their responsibilities towards their customers and stakeholders, and the impact a breach could have on them and their organisations.


You could see this was a top priority from Danny's behaviour. He ensured we always had clear and open communication and started implementing our recommendations for Type 2 as soon as he could.


The quality of the collaboration was reflected in the fact we managed to finish testing and get the report out to him in less than one month. That’s how great and easy it was working with Danny!


- Davor




Client: Rich Data Co

Achievement: SOC 1 Type 2

Lead Auditor: Constance Huang


It has been my pleasure working with the RDC team and helping them to achieve their SOC 1 compliance in just 6 months.


As they planned their expansion into the US market, SOC compliance was identified as a potential blocker. They sought us out for our agile audit approach that suited their way of working. As lead auditor, this was one of my most enjoyable audits ever. The team was so easy to communicate and work with, which enabled a highly effective audit process. Their strong execution capability meant they were able to progress the audit and take any necessary actions ahead of time, which kept our momentum and everyone’s spirits high.


With their mature management mechanisms, openness to feedback and change, and strong cyber security posture, RDC stands out as a trailblazing tech company in their space.


- Constance




Client: CanIPhish

Achievement: SOC 2 Type 1

Lead Auditor: Lachlan Pound


Seb from CanIPhish was an absolute pleasure to work with. As his enterprise customers became more prominent with more complex requirements, he came to us for SOC 2 Type 1.


With his previous audit experience, he knew the importance of compliance from the get-go and was receptive to our feedback. In this day and age, where scams and phishing attacks are at an all-time high, his company has positioned itself in a crucial area, providing training and phishing simulations. This service is vital to help improve a business's security posture and staff awareness.


With AssuranceLab's help and his SOC 2 report, Seb can give more peace of mind to existing and future customers. I look forward to seeing CanIPhish's growth and how they will innovate in the future!


- Lachlan




Client: Middle

Achievement: SOC 2 Type 2

Lead Auditor: Michael Precious


Middle came to AssuranceLab at the very beginning of their CDR journey. Across 12 months, I have been involved in SOC 2 Type 1, CDR and SOC 2 Type 2 audits with Jin, John and the team, witnessing a huge amount of growth in their compliance posture!


If Middle’s attitude and effort towards compliance is anything to go by, they have a very bright future in the Fintech space. The team embraced every challenge, every query and every piece of uplift required across the journey of the audits.


With compliance now firmly entrenched in their operations, I look forward to seeing Middle skyrocket!


- Michael




Client: Macuject

Achievement: SOC 2 Type 1 & HIPAA

Lead Auditor: Jeff Harris


Macuject is a great company with a really important mission in helping prevent and treat macular disease. Their expansion into the US market is a huge step towards further development and impact in the health space.


They came to us through our alliance with Drata, looking to achieve SOC 2 Type 1, HIPAA, and then ongoing Type 2 compliance.


Their team was so great to work with; friendly and supportive, they were happy to work through challenges and clearly eager to improve their security posture.


This was a great example of a close working relationship producing a great result for a purposeful company looking to make a difference in a massive new market and we're proud to have been involved!


- Jeff




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