World Book and Copywriting Day 2024

To celebrate World Book and Copywriting Day 2024, we asked the team to share what they are currently reading and what they love about it! This could be anything from cookbooks to novels, and everything in between. As long as it can be read!


Check out what our team are reading.

  1. The World of Time - Robert Jordan 
    This is a great novel for anyone who enjoys reading fantasy. This series has a quality number of books and will keep you on your toes for all 14. 

  2. She's on the Money - Victoria Devine 
    Victoria Devine's book, "She's on the Money," is a financial guide tailored for women, and it Such a great read about setting yourself up for financial freedom!

  3. Three Body Problem Trilogy - Cixin Liu
    I've always loved science fiction; this trilogy has redefined the genre. The concepts and sci-fi elements are mind-blowing. 10/10 can recommend.

  4. The Dictionary People - Sarah Ogilvie
    This is a brilliant book about the creation of the first Oxford English Dictionary and all the people who contributed it over the 40 years it took to make!

  5. Cult of the Dead Cow - Joseph Menn
    This audiobook covers the history of one of the most popular hacktivist groups and how they helped to shape the culture of the internet and cybersecurity today.

  6. Recipe Tin Eats cookbook - Nagi Maehashi
    This cookbook has fantastic recipes that are homely but not too hard to cook. Perfect for helping decide what's for dinner when you have no idea.

  7. The Handmaid's Tail - Margaret Atwood
    I am enjoying how deep and thought-provoking the book is.

  8. Surviving to Drive - Gunther Steiner 
    Currently listening to the audiobook version by Guenther Steiner, a former F1 team principal. I love the insights and little details of the F1 world and what’s required to actually run a racing team.

  9. Dare to Lead - Brené Brown
    Even if you don't lead a direct team, I highly recommend this book. So many insightful pieces of wisdom and experience that can be applied to many different aspects of life!

  10. The Hard Things About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz
    All of the ups and downs of building (and mostly the hardships!) of building a company/startup from the ground up. This is a must-read if you are interested in startups and understanding the workings and risks of starting a new business.

  11. Multipliers - Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown
    Whether you are a people leader or not, this book is the north star to leadership. Even if you don’t lead a team, it helps to calibrate your thinking to what traits a “growth” or multiplier leader exhibits vs a “diminisher”. Sometimes leaders are “accidental diminishers” with the best intentions and this book helps them to realise what they can upgrade.
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