Collaboration vs competition in an ever-changing compliance landscape

By Paul Wenham, Cofounder and Co-CEO


Introduction: the battle between collaboration and competition

As businesses work towards growth and maximising their presence in the market, we often see an increase in competition. As competition becomes the main focus for businesses, collaboration is often overlooked. 


In this blog, we look at the differences in collaboration and competition, and how businesses can use both to establish a competitive advantage. 


Competition: the race to dominate

In the ever-evolving compliance landscape, businesses, platforms and software providers constantly fight for market dominance. Fueled by the desire for greater revenue, increased shareholder value, more market control and the ability to win enterprise clients, they often lose sight of the trust element in compliance. 


For example, platforms that once focused on specific facets of the trust triangle now seek to provide all sides. Their desire to offer end-to-end solutions comes from a place of ambition, but this ambition has inadvertently splintered the unity that should naturally thrive. 


Collaboration: the catalyst for transformation

In a highly competitive landscape, the most valuable indicator of success is collaboration. Collaboration between subject matter experts sparks innovation, providing businesses with a competitive advantage. When businesses align their interests and work together to solve common challenges, the outcomes are far more than just a ‘tick in the compliance box’. 


Combining competition and collaboration

As increased competition without collaboration threatens to diminish trust, it is important to implement both into your business strategy. These two elements should be working together rather than as two separate functions. Trust builders (advisors and auditors) have the power to instil this into the businesses they work with, benefiting the wider ecosystem. While competition undoubtedly drives growth, it's the collaboration that unlocks the potential for exponential progress.


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